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Compost Facility

Acme Biomass Reduction, Inc.


Compost facility

We accept grass, shrub and tree trimmings, wood chips, large and small trees.  Fees are based on load size, not weight.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards.


Only organic materials are received and hauled into our facility by other tree care companies, landscapers and contractors.  Then, processed materials in the form of a finished product are hauled out by in-house trucks, subcontracted truckers and bulk customers, i.e. landscapers and contractors.


Customers are to check in at the compost facility office.

Types of materials accepted

  • Virgin wood from arborist activities
  • Clean brush from arborist activities
  • Clean brush from landscape activities
  • Clean wood chips
  • Clean leaves and grass clippings

Types of materials not accepted

  • All non-organic materials
  • Pressure treated lumber/wood
  • Telephone poles
  • Wood pallets
  • Railroad ties
  • Painted or chemically treated wood materials

Disposal of non-compliant/unacceptable materials & metals

When non-compliant/unacceptable i.e. "trash" material is discovered in a dumped load before the customer leaves the facility, the customer shall either a) pick trash out of the otherwise acceptable pile and remove it from the facility or b) have the dumped pile reloaded onto customer's vehicle for removal and be charged a reloading fee.

When non-compliant/unacceptable "trash" material is discovered in a dumped load after the customer leaves the facility, the trash is loaded into a dumpster and hauled to an appropriate landfill for disposal.  The customer is charged a disposal fee.